Positive Affirmations to Reprogramming Your Inner World

Joe Bloggs
Wellbeing Coach
April 23, 2024

Have you ever heard the phrase “Your mind will take on whatever you will feed it”?

This is exactly what affirmations are all about. Short positive, self-affirmation sentences that we repeat to ourselves over and over again to reprogram our subconscious mind. These positive sentences can be either about certain character attributes we want to have – for instance, being confident, energized, or productive. They can also be about either certain states of mind or being we want to move into – for example, a state of abundance, happiness, and harmony.

As humans, we are all imperfect in certain areas of our lives, and who does not want some positive changes in his/her life? Positive affirmations are a great way to achieve your target character attributes or state of mind.

So, if you really want to dive deep into the practice of affirmations, here are the main principles that can help you to practice with ease:

For starters, start by creating a list of thoughts you want to create about yourself and your life. These messages can be phrases like “I have unlimited energy,” “I am abundant,” “I am a doer,” etc. But keep in mind that these messages need to be positive, not negative or neutral. For instance, instead of saying “I do not have stress,” it is better to say, “I am in control of my emotions.” Negative words don’t seem to work because our subconscious mind tends to exclude all the words that are related to no.

  • Be Consistent

A great way to make affirmations work some miracles for you is to practice daily for five minutes straight with no interruptions (Make it a Habit Formation). Consistency is one of the most important components in imprinting these positive phrases into your physical, mental, and emotional body.

  • Practice short and simple sentences as self affirmations

As many famous life coaches like Tony Robbins claim, the key to creating empowering messages for the mind is to keep the affirmation messages as concise and positive as possible. (Have a look at what Urban Yoga Lab offers in Life Coaching) These phrases should not only be short but also simple. For example, “I am confident,” “I am strong,” and “I am unstoppable.”

Also, it can be helpful to be specific about your affirmations and use these phrases in the present tense, given that this is the only time our subconscious mind can be synchronized to.

  • Stand in a superhero pose

Next, a great way to practice your positive affirmations is by waking up every morning and beginning your day by standing in a superhero pose with the hands firmly placed around the waist. Start looking yourself right into the eyes in front of a mirror. That will awaken some empowering feelings within the body and will help you to boost your belief about these certain thoughts.

Some extra tips

Some extra important tips on positive affirmations are:

  • Making your mind a laser,
  • Being committed to practicing every day with no breaks, and
  • Trying to feel each affirmation with all your heart as if it is happening right now.

Those self-affirmations practices will help you start realizing the benefits of reprogramming your inner world even after the practice of just a couple of weeks.

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