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Oxyzn: Simplifying Workplace Wellbeing in One Easy Stop

Equip your workforce with an extensive selection of holistic wellbeing resources. Oxyzn covers over 45+ wellness categories with hundreds of live and on demand events led by more than 80 world-class coaches.

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Why Wellbeing Matters

Healthy, happy employees are not just more productive, but they also contribute to a positive workplace culture that fuels innovation and collaboration.

Studies reveal that wellbeing initiatives can result in up to 20% increased productivity and significantly lower turnover rates.

That's not just good for your employees—it directly impacts your bottom line. When you invest in employee wellbeing, you're not just enhancing individual lives; you're elevating your entire organisation.

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Support for All Areas of Employee Wellbeing

Oxyzn offers something for everyone in your organisation - providing an end to end wellbeing programme for every day of the year.

How it Works

What is Oxyzn?

Live Events

Over 30 live activities each month focusing on holistic employee wellness, ranging from  calming guided meditations to informative health talks.

New Content

Constantly growing library of content for individual employee wellness, including live workout sessions, guided meditations, and more.


Employees can personalise their wellness journey by favouriting sessions, allowing them to tailor a unique menu that aligns with their individual preferences and goals.

Interactive Calendar

Interactive calendar featuring daily fitness schedules, regular happy hours, and wellbeing networking events to enrich your holistic wellness journey.

Expert Coaches

Expert-curated content designed to boost both wellbeing and workplace performance, offering your team trusted advice and actionable tips.

Team Activities

Team bonding activities such as cooking classes, aromatherapy sessions, and mixology workshops to foster unity and enhance wellbeing.

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Oxyzn is an amazing platform! I was part of the morning Miracle 20 days challenge and it has been a very deep and transformational experience for me. Thank you to the Oxyzn team for the support and amazing work.
Areti Varvaresou
Oxyzn Member

Live Events

EmpowerHER: A Celebration of Women's Empowerment Through a Panel Discussion 

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Your wellbeing strategy is important to your business outcomes. Work together with one of our expert providers to assess your people's unique needs. Formulate an executable plan. Implement checkpoints and measure and assess progress on an ongoing basis. 

Best of all, working with Oxyzn means we can seamlessly execute your plan with our network of experts, end-to-end administration and insightful reporting.