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We source wellbeing activities based on your locations, team sizes, demographics, and company culture.

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We use automation via an interactive calendar to help your employees promote their well-being in just 3 clicks. Oxyzn is an end-to-end corporate wellbeing programme for every widely recognised Awareness Day of the year so you don’t need to design yours. With 50+ monthly live and on-demand events across 45+ wellbeing categories and more than 80 world-class coaches, Oxyzn is the only platform your employees need to perform at their best.

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Oxyzn is an amazing platform! I was part of the morning Miracle 20 days challenge and it has been a very deep and transformational experience for me. Thank you to the Oxyzn team for the support and amazing work.
Areti Varvaresou
Oxyzn Member


it Works

Oxyzn is an online solution accessible via any device through a browser-based membership, offering wellbeing content, classes, and coaching anytime, anywhere.
Users can register, book, and join in less than 3 minutes.
Oxyzn eliminates the need for meetings, emails exchange and coordination. We simplify the booking process via automaton.
Provides access to news, educational articles, digital booklets, and lifestyle improvement tips.
Designed to assist employees with work-related issues like stress, burnout, and zoom fatigue.
Includes a complete daily fitness schedule and a library of prerecorded video sessions, workshops, and webinars.
Offers a range of podcasts, recipes, and meditation sessions created by experts for mental, physical, social, and financial wellbeing.
Show employees that they are valued.
A personalised wellbeing menu with various events and activities customisable to your workforce.
Oxyzn eliminates the need for meetings, emails exchange and coordination. We simplify the booking process via automaton.
Oxyzn doesn’t require integration or technical setup.
Every week we provide aggregated analytics, which helps you direct your efforts and shape successful wellbeing strategies.
With Oxyzn, you can assess engagement levels through anonymised surveys, which help your managers to make an action plan to boost employee engagement.
Change as you go. We offer customisable employee wellbeing programs.

Wellbeing Strategy

Our strategy seamlessly dovetails with your internal company well-being goals, enhancing and extending the support you offer.

Enhance work-life balance, recognition, and family benefits.

Boost employee engagement with our multi-purpose benefit solution, nurture future leaders and drive success.

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One Responsive Platform.
All Areas of Wellbeing.

We empower employees by focusing on eight crucial dimensions of wellbeing:

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Measure ROI - Empowering Data Driven Decisions

Supercharge attendance, engagement, and employee NPS. With purpose-driven events and pre- and post-experience analytics.

Actionable insights that build your data-driven health & wellbeing strategy. We empower employee well-being through data-driven insights and actionable strategies.

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Case Study

''The dynamic partnership with Oxyzn enabled customized wellbeing programs, adapting swiftly to employees' needs and significantly enhancing Leroy Merlin's wellbeing strategy''

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