Join us for an action-packed event that includes the launch of our white paper on the Future of Work, a panel discussion, a mini mindfulness workshop, refreshments, gift bags, and networking with HR leaders from brands such as Standard Chartered Bank, Marriott, and HSBC.

In a world of constant distractions, it's common to perceive the future as an external force shaping your destiny rather than something you are actively building and moulding. Simply projecting from today won't be enough; you must be a time-traveller, thinking of the future. During this session, you'll acquire innovative frameworks, gain insights from pioneering experts, and tackle practical challenges. These experiences will empower you to concentrate and prioritise in a way that brings your most ambitious visions of the future to life.

Key Topics:

  • Unleash Your Inner Voice
  • Building Your Advocacy Toolbox
  • Building Your Advocacy Toolbox
  • Goal Setting
  • Identifying Internal Roadblocks
  • Finding Advocates and Allies
  • Path to success: Building your Success Playbook

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